Now Offering Balayage Hair Color

Balayage [BA-LA-YA-JE]: A French word meaning to sweep.

Balayage hair coloring
Salon 22 now offers Balayage Hair Color. This hair color technique is a newer way to apply highlights to hair giving it a sun-kissed look. Balayage refers to the process of adding color onto the hair with a paddle rather than the traditional method of wrapping foil. This process is much more precise and edgier.

Balayage is what many clients refer to as “hair painting” because of its application technique. This style can be perfect for a new application or color touch-up. In addition it can be used to add color to just the roots and avoid unneeded treatment to the already colored hair.

Chunking is also a technique that can be done with Balayage. This is where the hair stylist will add highlights in an edgy “chunked” fashion. Balayage chunking is perfect for the edgy highlights for summer with is high contrast style.

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Category : Aveda Products &Blog Posted on June 10, 2013

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