How to Keep your Color with Aveda

After investing in a great natural looking color it is very important to do the proper steps to maintain your color.  The worst mistake you can make is repetitive washing;  You simply do not need to wash every day. 

Avoid using harsh shampoos that have toxic chemicals that will remove all color and potentially damage your hair and scalp.  I would recommend our Aveda Shampure Shampoo product.

The key is the 25 pure flower and plant essences that cleanses and fortifies your hair. Aveda Shampure Shampoo is a natural organic blend of nutrients and conditioners that will help maintain the color for several weeks without much effort! 

We recommend that you stop in for a touch up every 3 weeks and so you dont have the embarrasing root discoloration.   Call 231-843-9631 and schedule your visit today!

Category : Blog Posted on March 27, 2011

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