Aveda How-To: Enhance Curls With Be Curly Style Prep System

Get defined curls and all-day for naturally curly or wavy hair with Aveda’s Be Curly Style Prep System!


Prepare Your Hair – Use Be Curly Shampoo and Be Curly Conditioner on your hair. Then, while your hair is still wet, work Be Curly Style Prep through your hair with a comb.

Style Your Hair –  Dry your hair with a diffuser, while your hair is flipped upside down. Work on the ends of your hair first, working toward the scalp, until your hair is 75% dry. Apply Be Curly Enhancer, starting from the roots.

Finish – Flip hair back over and finish drying by scrunching the ends of your hair. Finish with Aveda Finishing Spray, for luscious, beautiful curls.


The Be-Curly Style-Prep System was developed to enhance, intensify and define your waves and curls. The Be Curly four-step system includes: Be Curly Sampoo, Be Curly Conditioner, Be Curly Enhancer, and the Be Curly Style-Prep.

This system moisturizes and seals the cuticle to define curls and provide all-day frizz control. The lightweight formula sets a foundation for curly hair styles on both shampoo days and non-shampoo days, making styling easier for long-lasting curls. It contains hydrolyzed wheat protein and organic aloe blend, which expands when hair is wet and contracts when dry to enhance curl or wave all day long. It also contains organic babassu oil, baobab seed oil and macadamia nut to help seal, soften and moisturize hair. Style-prep contains plant-derived cellulose and Guar bean to help maintain your curly/wavy styles.

Product plus technique gets results!

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