Aveda Top 10 Products

Aveda professional products are industry leading quality made with natural ingredients and 100% renewable energy. Below is the top 10 list of aveda products that you must have today. Click the name of the product to go directly to Aveda.com and see pricing and more information on the top aveda products available!

1. Be Curly Style Prep – Adds moisture and curl definition as it seals the cuticle, taming frizz all day. Detangles to reduce breakage from combing. Also makes styling curls easier and helps maintain them longer—while leaving hair soft, not “crunchy.” Boosts the effects of be curlyTM curl enhancer.

2. Be Curly Style Enhancer – For intensifying curls, taming frizz and heightening shine. Wheat protein blend expands when hair is wet—then retracts when hair is dry—to lock in curls or waves.

3. Control Force Firm hold Hair Spray – Our firmest hold hair spray offers long-lasting hold and humidity defense for all hair types—and has a net-zero climate impact.*

4. Light Elements Smoothing Fluid – A fluid styling formula that adds shine and movement as it restores a healthy look and feel to hair. Plant-based ingredients—like certified organic jojoba—help condition and smooth hair.

5. Smooth Infusion Style Prep Smoother – Features our Smooth InfusionTM aroma, a fresh spicy citrus-floral featuring certified organic bergamot, certified organic palmarosa, Bulgarian rose and Australian sandalwood.

6. Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener – All-day straightness and shine.

7. Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair – Our daily leave-in treatment instantly repairs damaged hair by 26%*, helps protect from heat styling and detangles to help prevent further damage.

8. Phomollient Styling Foam – Our patented formula—which includes certified organic honey, burdock and marshmallow root—creates weightless volume on fine and medium hair. Adds shine without build-up or weight. Uses air-infused technology.

9. Aveda Men Pure-Formance Grooming Clay – Our Pure-formanceTM Grooming Clay adds strong hold without adding shine. Its light-weight, micro-fibers provide the control you need to create any style—with a comb or your fingers. Perfect for adding thickness to hair.

10. Tourmaline Charged Hydrating Crème – Feel energy from nature. Finely-powdered tourmaline—a naturally energizing mineral—mixed with marine and plant extracts and 11 powerful anti-oxidants. Hydrating. Protecting. Infusing visible life and radiance into your skin—so it glows.

** Note: All Aveda product descriptions are excerpts from Aveda.com.